Meeting 14th September 2016

Minutes of Meeting held on 14 September 2016 @ 10.00am at The Park. Romiley.

Present: - Tracey Adams*(Chair) Beryl & Alan Smith*, Terry Holmes*, and Peter Birchenhough*. Residents*.
Apologies: Jill Lince* Jean Bartlett* and Pam Reed*.

1. Minutes of the Meeting on 05 July 2016 were accepted as a correct record.

2. Treasurer's Report – The Treasurer was absent – no report.

3. Action Plan

New sign to be fixed on the existing post just inside the park but visible from Carlton Ave. Use our logo as designed by a pupil from Romiley Primary School. TA/RB Outstanding.
Compstall Rd entrance – renew/refurbish sign on gate – show name, logo, web site and telephone number for vandalism and unsocial behaviour. TA/RB Outstanding.
A new notice board at the entrance from Sandy Lane/Compstall Road is now our priority. Design with map/history and news. Outstanding.
The existing notice board to be removed.
Anthony Crook will replace the damaged Plane tree.
Obtain picnic table for rear of the park – funding required.
Laurel hedge along rear of garage is to be reduced in width by SKS.
Nest boxes – TA has a number of boxes that require fixing in the park.

4. New Leaflet

New photographs are being taken this morning. Draft leaflet then ready for printing. 5. Next Meeting 01 November at 19.00.

5. Gardening: 29 October 10.00 till Noon. Volunteers required. All welcome.

AS 06/10/2016