Meeting 2nd May 2017

Minutes of Meeting held on 02 May 2017 @ 7.00pm at The Life Centre. Romiley.

Present: - Tracey Adams*(Chair) Beryl & Alan Smith*, Pam Reed*, Peter Birchenhough*, John Ackers, Jean Bartlett, Debbie Barraclough & Vic Matthews*. Residents*.

Apologies: Jill Lince* & Philippa Bonorino*.

1. Minutes of the Meeting on 7 March 2016 were accepted as a correct record.

2. Treasurer's Report – As the treasurer reported a current balance of £2216.65. AS presented account of £36.42 for plants, passed for payment. (Subsequently all stolen). A payment of £140 to hb printing had been made for the leaflets. Note minor adjustment of £1.

3. Action Plan

New signage at Carlton Ave and Compstall Rd plus a new signboard at the front entrance still outstanding. TA & AS to meet JB to make progress. Artwork for layout and brief history outstanding.
An additional bin to be requested at the Compstall Rd entrance as the convenience store has no bin but much litter. JB
The existing notice board to be removed - URGENT
Planters – All new plants stolen within 14 days. Notices placed in all planters to notify all visitors to the park.
Obtain picnic table for rear of the park – funding required.
Laurel hedge along rear of garage is to be reduced in width. Programme required SKS.
Nest boxes – TA to locate. Are there any kits for assembly on Funday?
Banner to be removed from railings at Compstall Rd entance.

4. New Leaflet

AS has collected leaflets from the printer. Some were distributed after the meeting.
It was agreed to give the designer a £25 book token for her considerable help.

5. Community Fun Day

AS reported on the work already done by the very enthusiastic sub – committee comprising Gill Swallow, Joanne McCarthy, Darren Taylor, Katie Wade and Cheryl Chung.
The response from local community organisations has been excellent.
The licence application approved. Alcohol licence approved - £21.
Layout, cash collection, stand content etc. discussed at length.
We intend to offer plants for sale. It is very important that they are either in flower or very attractive foliage e.g. hostas, ferns. AS to speak to David Ross about trade sale/return.

6. Tee Shirts – The purchase of new tee-shirts with suitable motif and wording be purchased for all members by TA.

7. TA expressed thanks to Life Centre for hosting our meetings and confirmed the dates in 2017. Next meeting 04 July 2017.

Gardening: 16, 27 MAY & 17 JUNE 10.00 till Noon.

Volunteers required. All Welcome.