Minutes of the Meeting held on 03 November 2020 at 10.00am on Zoom.

Present: - Tracey Adams (Chair), Philippa Bonorino, Pam Reed, Terry Holmes, Beryl and Alan Smith,
Apologies:, Jean Bartlett, Abdulnaser Alshurbaji, John Young
Minutes of the meeting on 8 September 2020 were accepted as a correct record.
Matters arising from the minutes
Notice Board – Richard Booker is going to arrange for a sign at the Compstall Road entrance. Tracey has sent him the artwork and will check progress. RB/TA
The picnic table has been installed in the playground.
The Equality and Diversity, and Safeguarding policies were sent to SMBC and are now on the website.
Treasurer’s Report
Balance is £4728.42, minus a payment of £900.00 sent to SMBC for the picnic table but not yet encashed, leaving £3,828.42
Action Plan
Wet beds –Some of the Iris have been replanted, together with the astilbes, lysimachia, marsh marigolds and some foxgloves, and the rest of the nettles and couch grass removed. Glenys’ bed should be given a similar overhaul in the Spring. TH
The plan to create an area of wild flower meadow was discussed with Anthony Crook. A suitable sized area was agreed and should be cleared before the end of this year, ready for sowing in the Spring, with seeds to be provided. AC/PB
The proposal for a group of trees near the gym equipment was put forward for inclusion in the Tree Plan but lost out to the wildflower meadow. It was proposed that some of the current surplus funding should be used to purchase some Birch trees. AS/TH Tree update 06.11.20 – the replacement trees, Plane, Oak, Pear and Amelanchier, have been ordered for planting in February 2021. AC
Donated plants – a local resident gave a number of perennials, including foxgloves, veronicas, primroses, candelabra primula, persicaria, pulmonaria, an aquilegia and a heuchera, which were planted last Saturday. Thanks to be passed on. PB
Carlton Avenue – the new beds and entrance have been weeded and tidied again and the candelabra primulas added. A small yew tree was removed and transferred to near the Compstall Rd entrance and Terry donated and planted a physocarpus. More of the neighbours seem to be tending the area outside their back fences too, which is to be encouraged.
Edging – further work has been done at the front of the park but the path up to the Carlton Avenue entrance needs finishing. TA/JY
Central bed – has been weeded regularly. Thirty tulip bulbs were donated and planted by Tracey. Pam offered to plant more rudbeckias. PR
Compstall Road –The last general maintenance session of the year will be carried out on 4 November. PB
Tubs – All the tubs need tidying, weeding and topping up with soil, which will be purchased from Bredbury recycling centre or an alternative source. A new volunteer has offered to take over the tub near the Carlton Avenue entrance. AS/PB/JB
Gardening – Wednesday 4 November, Saturday 28 November and another date in November to be decided. PB/TA
The Stockport Talking Newspaper has invited the FoRP to record a piece about the park and the work of the group in January. TA/PB
More woodchip will be requested to act as weed suppressant. AS
A pumpkin event organised by the Friends of Romiley Primary School, was due to be held in the park on 31 October but it was too wet.
The next meeting will be The AGM, which will take place on Tuesday 12 January at 7p.m. in the Life Centre, if possible. The dates for the rest of next year are on the website.

Next gardening: Saturday 28 November 10.00 – 12.00

All welcome. Volunteers required.