Meeting 4th September 2018

Minutes of Meeting held on 04 September 2018 @ 10.00am at The Life Centre. Romiley.

Present: - Tracey Adams (Chair)*, Jean Bartlett*, Pam Reed (Treasurer)*. Terry Holmes*, Peter Birchenough*. * Residents

Apologies: Jill Lince,* Philippa Bonorino,* Debbie Barraclough*, Alan Smith* & Beryl Smith*.

1. Minutes of the Meeting on 03 July 2018 were accepted as a correct record.

2. Treasurer's Report – A balance of £4599.04 Inc £200 donation from The Lions, to be used for tree purchase & £1250 grant from Manchester Airport, ring-fenced for purchase of a picnic bench. Richard Booker (SMBC) confirmed that the council will make up any shortfall of the cost of installing this. Pam Reed reported, that the committee had decided not to open the Deposit Account, due to the Bank’s complex procedures and that monies for the Annual Fun Day will instead remain in the Current Account. The Fun Day 2018 made £1378.47, which included £187.15 raised on the FoRP stall.

3. Action Plan

New signboard at the front entrance. Order confirmed by JB @ SMBC. Installation expected in the autumn.
An additional bin has been requested at the Compstall Rd entrance as the convenience store has no bin but much litter. JB/
Picnic table with disabled access installed just off the path near the children play area. Invoice awaited from SMBC for £1250 RB
Laurel in School bed to be cut to ground level. - Outstanding.
Wood chip – ongoing
New shrubs/ perennials required in various areas. Plans to be agreed but no planting until autumn. As part of the meeting, a walkabout of the front of the park was completed. Actions resulting from this: the front of the circle planting, needs non-green foliage, possibly flowering shrubs, to create more interest, which will replace 10 of the cotoneaster. Email to be sent to all FoRP members to ask for ideas for this new planting, response required before next gardening day - 11 Sept. Also, consideration to be given to the removal of some of the laurel and other invasive shrubs/plants.
Tree work report now issued.
The new sign on the entrance gates at Compstall Road has minimal damage.
The proposed stone sign in Carlton Ave is too expensive if the FoRP have to pay for it. Need to look for alternative source.
Attention also need at the Compstall Road Bed: a large number of tree seedlings to be removed and the hazels need to have the straight bits removed. The forget-me-not seedlings need to be left.
It was agreed that each area of the planting needs completing one at a time, or we are in danger of not completing any. 1. front centre bed, inc repositioning the new silver birch to the centre. 2. School Bed. 3. Compstall Road Bed.

5. Planting Document - A planting plan of the front centre bed was completed in June.

Thanks given to Philippa. A computerised plan was then created. Special Thanks given to Sophie Anumudu for designing and creating it. This will now become a work-in-progress document, enabling an on going record of planting throughout the year.

6. Website - The current FoRP website has become outdated and it has been agreed by the group that funds will be made available to do this. Terry Holmes agreed to meet with Tracey Adams and Mark Whittaker (web designer) to investigate this.

7. Next Meeting on Tuesday 6 November at 10am

TA expressed thanks to Life Centre for hosting our meetings.

Gardening: Tuesday 11th & 18th & 25th and Saturday 29th September 2018 10.00 till Noon. Volunteers required. All welcome.