Meeting 5th July 2022


Minutes of the Meeting held on 5 July 2022 at 10.00am at Romiley Life Centre

Present: - Tracey Adams, Philippa Bonorino, Pam Reed, Beryl and Alan Smith, Terry Holmes, Jean Bartlett, Debbie Barraclough
Apologies: Abdulnaser Alshurbaji, John Young, Anne Granby, Glenys Backhouse
1. Minutes of the meeting on 3 May were accepted as a correct record.
2. Matters arising from the minutes – Sign for the Compstall Rd entrance – Richard Brooker is arranging for this to be installed. The broken gym equipment has been replaced. TA
3. Treasurer’s Report
The Treasurer reported on the transactions from the Fun Day. The costs were covered by the income and some donations, which were gratefully received. There was a small profit. Consequently, it was proposed to make donations to some of the local groups who had supported the event for free and helped make it a success, after consultation with the Fun Day subcommittee. DB/TA
4. Action Plan
• Wildflower meadow –The 150g of wildflower seed was planted at the beginning of May. A further 150 plugs of 10 different plants were planted in June. The Yellow Rattle flowered well and is setting seed. The area needs a permanent information board. The Walking and Cycling board will not be available for another 4 years. Action for the summer is to monitor the area and record what flowers appear this year. PB/AS
• Trees – The Hawthorn by the Laurel hedge behind the play equipment has died. Two Tilia (900106/7) on the field behind the playground have been broken. It was recommended that they not be replaced due to the likelihood of damage from ball games in this area. The final Betula is due from SMBC in the autumn. Alan will get some stakes from TLC to replace those that have been removed or the ties broken. AC/PB/TH/AS
• School bed – More plants need to be ordered and planted in September. Gaps will be filled when plants become available. Any spare white Phlox would be appreciated. TH/AS/PB
Work has continued to clear and add to the planting in the section nearest the road with the Foxgloves growing well. TA/JB
The shrubs and plants between the cultivated areas need to be cut back and tidied. PB/AA
• Wet beds – The plants have flowered well and both areas are to be extended. TH/AG
• Centre bed - The Dahlias were replanted and are beginning to flower. Regular maintenance continues. BS/TA
• Optician’s bed – Regular maintenance continues. AS/PR/AG
• Compstall Road – Regular maintenance continues. PB/TA
• Carlton Avenue – Regular maintenance continues. PB
• Tubs – The new tub at the Compstall Road entrance has a sign acknowledging the support of the Lions. All tubs have been planted to reflect the Jubilee colours. JB
• Beech hedge – Work will continue at the earliest opportunity TA/AA
6 Fun Day – the day was very successful. Congratulations to the event subcommittee. See treasurer’s report above. DB/TA/AS
7 Gardening – Saturday 30 July and Tuesday 19 July. PB
8 The next meeting will take place on Tuesday 13 September at 10.00 in the Life Centre. Thanks to the Life Centre for hosting us.
9 Other business
• Donated Acanthus – Thanks to Abdulnaser. The planting position will be decided when we are next in the park.
• Grants – Funding to be sought from the Manchester United Community Fund and Forever Manchester’s Stockport Fund for further development of the Wildflower area. PB

Next gardening sessions:

19 and 30 July 10.00 – 12.00

All welcome. Volunteers required.