Meeting Postponed 13th September 2022


Report July and August 2022

Too few people were available for the September meeting, so this report covers the main issues:

1. Sign for the Compstall Road entrance – Richard Brooker is hoping to get this installed when the bin by the gym equipment is replaced. TA
2. Treasurer’s Report – is held over to the next meeting. PR
3. Action Plan
• Wildflower meadow – A few flowers have been spotted (Yellow Rattle, Buttercups, White Clover, Ox Eye Daisies, Knapweed, Corn Marigold) but the planting was quite late for this year and the dry summer did not encourage late flowering. We hope for a better show next year. The small number of Dock plants reaching flowering was a pleasing result of all the hard work digging them up last year. PB/AS
• Trees – The Betula survived the dry conditions well. The final tree is due from SMBC in the autumn. Alan will get some stakes from TLC to replace those that have been removed or the ties broken. A Lime seedling needs removing from the school bed. The 25l containers that Jac sourced were extremely useful for getting water to the trees that needed it most. AC/PB/TH/AS
• School bed – More plants have been ordered for planting in September. Gaps will be filled when plants become available. The Rudbeckia have flowered extremely well. TH/AS/PB
Work has continued to clear and add to the planting in the section nearest the road with the Foxgloves and Hydrangea flowering well. TA/JB
The shrubs and plants between the cultivated areas are being cut back and tidied. PB/AA
• Wet beds – Both beds have been weeded regularly and the one by the school entrance has been extended. and both areas are to be extended. TH/AG
• Centre bed – Some of the pink geraniums round the edge of the bed are to be removed and replaced by Geum Prinses Juliana when the plants are available in the Spring to add more colour. Regular maintenance continues. BS/TA
• Optician’s bed – Regular maintenance continues. AS/PR/AG
• Compstall Road – Regular maintenance continues. PB/TA
• Carlton Avenue – Regular maintenance continues. PB
• Tubs – Congratulations to Jean and Barbara for keeping colour in the tubs by watering them throughout the heat of the summer. JB
• Beech hedge – Work will continue at the earliest opportunity. TA/AA
6 Donations – The U3A are considering donating a bench to be sited near the centre bed. Tracey and Philippa met Richard Brooker and several U3A members to talk about the options. The U3A will discuss it further at their next meeting.
- Mili at Romiley Chai would like to make a donation. Any suggestions as to what it could be used for would be welcome.

6 Gardening – Saturday 24 September and another date if it can be fitted in. PB
7 The next meeting will take place on Tuesday 1 November at 10.00 in the Life Centre.