Minutes of Meeting held on 02 July 2019 @ 10.00am at The Life Centre. Romiley.

Present: -Philippa Bonorino (Chair), Beryl & Alan Smith, Pam Reed, Peter Birchenhough &.Terry Holmes.

ApologiesTracey AdamsJean Bartlett, Glenys Backhouse & Abdulnaser.Alshurbaji. 

1. Minutes of the Meeting on 07 May 2019 were accepted as a correct record.
2. Treasurer'sReport – PR reported that the balance is currently £3006.93. The draft accounts for the Fun Day would be available shortly.  Romiley Board Mills have donated £100 for traffic disruption around the mill.  AS will make contact for payment.
3. Action Plan for 2019
▪ Notice Board - Smaller version at the Compstall Rd entrance required. JB
▪ Convenience store has closed.  Future use?  Litter bin required?  C&C. No news.
▪ Centre bed planting is making good progress..
▪ Signage for Carlton Ave entrance - abandoned
▪ The double fence and hedge along the school boundary belongto the school.  No solution,
▪ The reduction in width of the laurel hedge along the southern boundary has been completed but the work has revealed many roots on the surface and stumps of bushes. TLC will remove all laurel & bramble roots next winter.Ground left for cultivation.
▪ Following removal of roots we will trial an area of wild flower meadow. Turf/seed?.
▪ AC has obtained a London Plane tree from Chelsea Flower Show.  At present in need of care and attention.  Pupils fromRomiley Primary School are watering.
▪ The proposal for a group of trees near the gym equipment was discussed with AC and whilst no firm decision was made it was agreed we should take the matter further.
▪ Play area requires a few new floor paintings.  TA to establish costs from RB
▪ The initial area cleared of brambles has been seeded and looks good.  Further areas have been cleared but agreed to leave seeding until autumn.
▪ AC has tabled a plan to plant 2 Pear trees, 3 Cherry trees and 1 Plane tree next Winter to replace boundary trees.  Ongoing maintenance is also detailed.  Since the meeting AC has proposed a contribution by FoRP towards a treespade to move the pine and the ailing metasequoia  (Dawn Redwood) to the rear of the park and replace with an Ilex aquifolium to match the other tree. Decision on TA’s return.
▪ Water - supply of water in the park would be very helpful but how?

4.  Community Fun Day

PB proposed a vote of thanks to all the volunteers who had assisted in organising a very successful event and for the TLC who prepared the park for the day.  AS plans to release a news item and photo relating to the new tree.

Our takings were £103.70 on plant sales.

5.   Website

    Can the photos of the Fun Day be placed on the site?TA/DT

6.   Graphics of Centre Bed

The master plan & Photographs produced by TH to be used as a record for any new planting.

7     Garden Clothing

• All distributed (nearly)

7.   Next Meeting will be on 3rd September 2019 at 10.00hrs at The Life Centre.

PB expressed thanks to Life Centre for hosting our meetings.  

Gardening: 9th& 27thJULY,   20th & 27 AUGUST     10.00.till Noon.

All welcome.      Volunteers required.