Meeting 6th July 2021

Minutes of the Meeting held on 06 July 2021 at 10.00am at Romiley Life Centre

Present: - Philippa Bonorino, Pam Reed, Jean Bartlett, Beryl and Alan Smith,
Apologies: Tracey Adams, Terry Holmes, Debbie Barraclough, Abdulnaser Alshurbaji, John Young, Glenys Backhouse, Damian Fairbrother Jones
Minutes of the meeting on 4 May 2021 were accepted as a correct record.
Matters arising from the minutes – None.
Treasurer’s Report
The balance remains £2,770-12. There have been no transactions since the last meeting.
Action Plan
Trees – a replacement is needed for the Liquidamber behind the petrol station which was destroyed. We hope that the group of 7 Birches can be planted in the autumn. The rest of the tree work is still scheduled for July 2021 AS/AC
Ferns and plants – Alan suggested introducing some Lychnis Cappadocia into the optician’s bed, which was agreed. AS
Wood chippings – All have been spread around trees and on beds. Thanks to Anthony Crook for arranging delivery.
Wet beds –The bed by the school side entrance has been weeded and will be given a similar overhaul to the one by the gym equipment after the Iris have flowered. TH
Carlton Avenue – the beds need to be cleared of weeds in the next gardening session. PB
Central bed - Regular maintenance has continued. Additional Berberis is to be planted in the autumn to try to block the paths through the bed. The meeting discussed other possible plants to add – Monarda? Echinacea? Helenium? Centaurea (White)? Yellow candelabra primulas? Decisions to be made at the next meeting. BS/AS/ PB
School bed – Tracey and Jean have almost finished improving the bed nearest to the road. Regular maintenance is needed to keep on top of Mares’ Tails and bindweed TA/JB
Compstall Road – we need to work here in the next gardening session. PB
Tubs –The tub near the Carlton Avenue entrance, which Barbara is looking after, has continued to look good. Jean and Pam have kept the rest of the tubs flowering as much as possible but some plants were lost because of a lack of water. JB/PR
Edging – to be included in the regular maintenance as other priorities allow. SMBC’s decision to spray the edges with pesticides was deplored. JY/DFJ
Wild flower meadow - An alternative location, next to the wet bed behind the houses in Carlton Avenue, was suggested as this area already has a number of species of wildflowers growing in it. It could have plugs of plants such as poppies, ox eye daisies, cornflowers and yellow rattle added to it. Philippa will discuss this idea with Anthony Crook. AC/AS/PB

Gardening – Tuesday 20 July and Saturday 31 July PB/TA

Welcome to new volunteer Anne.
Canal journeys – they will be filming a future episode of the TV programme in Romiley next week and Alan provided some material about the history of the area, as well as inviting them to the park, but has heard nothing more.
Noticeboards - The park is due to have a couple of new boards with information about walking and cycling routes in the area.

The next meeting will take place on Tuesday 7 September at 10.00. at the Life Centre. It’s good to be back in the Life Centre. Thanks to them for hosting. The dates for the rest of the year are on the website.

Next gardening sessions: 20 and 31 July 10.00 – 12.00

All welcome. Volunteers required.